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The Vox Media Union Has Won Recognition

//The Vox Media Union Has Won Recognition

The Vox Media Union Has Won Recognition

On January 10, 2018, we reached an agreement with Vox Media’s management to obtain recognition for the Vox Media Union. We have worked hard to form a unit that represents the people who build this company every day and want to look out for each other. That work has finally paid off.

We won recognition of our union thanks to our unity and resolve, and now we will have a seat at the table to advocate for the needs and priorities of creative staff.

Though it’s taken some time, we’re glad that Vox Media has lived up to its stated values and respected the wishes of its employees. We’re eager to get to the bargaining table and have a discussion with the company about how to make this place even better.

You’ll hear from us soon about the next steps our Vox Media Union will take as we move into the bargaining process. We’ve reached this point by staying unified and energized. We’ll need to carry our momentum to the bargaining table in the months ahead.

In solidarity,
The Vox Media Union Organizing Committee

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