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Vox Union Press

Business Insider: Vox Media voluntarily recognizes employee editorial union (1.11.18)

Variety: Vox Media Unionizes With Writers Guild of America East (1.11.18)

The Wrap: Vox Media Votes to Unionize With WGA East (1.11.18)

Splinter: Welcome to the Union Vox Media! (1.11.18)

Poynter: Vox Media workers’ union, explained (11.27.17)

Huff Post: Vox Media Employees Announce Plans to Unionize (11.17.17)

Wall Street Journal: Vox Media Editorial Staffers to Unionize (11.17.17)

Business Insider: Vox Media’s employees are seeking to unionize (11.17.17)

Poynter: Vox Media workers seeking to join union (11.17.17)

Splinter: Vox Media is Trying to Unionize and Your Newsroom Should Too (11.17.17)

Digital Media Industry Press

AFL-CIO Blog: “Why I Chose a Union Voice at Thrillist” (4.6.17)

“For many employees, myself included, Thrillist was the best job any of us had ever had in digital media; all the more reason to preserve and improve it.”

Jacobin: Organizing New Media (Nov. 2016)